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Computer Repairs in Sydney

Attention Mac & PC users in Sydney. Need Apple Mac Repair ? Need PC Repair ? Onsite ? Call me now on 0407 235 614 to get help with all your IT problems.

  • Repair for older Mac Computers
  • Internet setups and troubleshooting
  • Virus and Trojan horse Removal
  • Data Recovery from all computers
  • Upgrades to RAM & Hard Disk
  • OSX upgrades
  • PC Repairs Upgrades
  • Apple Mac Repairs
  • New & Used Hardware
Computer Repairs in Sydney Call Andrew on the the MOBILE number: 0407 235 614 to get help with your computer problems, or email

Mac Repairs

We repair all macs

PC Repairs.

We repair all PC computers.


We are located in Turramurra.