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Mac Repairs in Sydney

The modern Macintosh is a very stable and reliable machine.

However all computers currently store data on the same brands of hard disks - Magnetic storage - and this is the weak link, because you can get both logical (software) and physical (hardware) errors. Thus it is essential to have a backup of all your files, in case you have problems Mac Guru can help with this issue.

If the worst happens and you cannot start up the computer, all is not lost. There is a good chance that many, if not all of your files can be saved. Do not try to recover them yourself, rather bring the computer to Mac Guru Consulting before the drive becomes unrecoverable.

OLDER COMPUTERS: We have hard disks and software to suite a wide variety of older Mac Computers. If you need to keep something running for an old program or to save costs we can help. Also where possible these machines can be upgraded to talk to modern ipods and iphones.

If you are running out of space, this can be upgraded, together with RAM . Preferably before the computer starts freezing ! If you have more complicated repairs relating to liquid or accident damage you can drop the computer in for a quote. A quote fee may apply in these situations.

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